Improving Recruitment with Video

As candidates become ever more expectant of a streamlined, digital-first recruitment and onboarding journey, more and more we’re seeing video become an integral part of the candidate experience.  

So we’ve put together this whitepaper which outlines how recruiters should approach this trend when it comes to their own talent acquisition, and 6 top tips to get you started!

Want to find out more? Download the Whitepaper below.

Benefits of Automated Video Recruitment: 

  • Dramatically shorten the screening phase as multiple candidates can record interviews at the same time
  • Save recruiter time by eliminating scheduling conflicts and candidates missing interview slots
  • Identify and engage candidates who shine more in person than on paper
  • Present fewer but higher quality candidates to hiring managers
  • Creates an experience that matches the expectations of digital natives
  • Improve collaboration between colleagues in the recruitment process.